Michal Tvrzník (CZ)

Let us introduce you the WIAC 2019 competitor:


Michal Tvrzník (CZ), Z 50LS, OK-FAI.


1. Where are you from? (hometown, airfield)
My hometown is Turnov but most of the time I am in Prague because of work.


2. What are you doing for living?
For living I fly B737 as a F/O.


3. When did you start with flying?
I started with flying 9 years ago with ultralight.


4. When did you start with aerobatic flying?
Aerobatics came in 2015 on Z526, but at first I didn’t plan to fly competitions.


5. What are your experiences in competitions?
But it turned out to be a lot of fun and great experiece so this is my fourth season of competing.


6. What is your aim in this Championship?
Since it is my first international competition I just want to enjoy it. Of course a good result would be great, but if you push it too hard you are making mistakes.


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