Francesco Adorisio (IT)

Let us introduce you the WIAC 2019 competitor:


Francesco Adorisio (Italy), CAP 21, I-CILL.


1. Where are you from? (hometown, airfield)
I came from Italy airfield Bresso Milan. I live in Milan but my home town is Matera.


2. What are you doing for living?
I am a chemical engineer. But I love flying inverted!


3. When did you start with flying?
I fly since 2008 with ultralight.


4. When did start with aerobatic flying?
Three years ago. During my PPL training.


5. What are your experiences in competitions?
Two years of aerobatic cometitions. This will be my 3rd.


6. What is your aim in this Championship?
I will fly from Milan with CAP 21… so my first target is to arrive! My second goal is to meet as much people as possible, that would share with me their aerobatic knowledge.

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