David Robert Farley (GB)

Let us introduce you the WIAC 2019 competitor:


David Farley (Great Britain), CAP 231 EX, G-GKKI.


1. Where are you from? (hometown, airfield)

I live in a small market town in the UK called Tring, I fly from White Waltham airfield to the West of London. 


2. What are you doing for living?

I am an Independent Software Consultant, advising companies on their approach to Software Engineering. 


3. When did you start with flying?

I learned to fly in Gliders in the early 1990’s. I converted to power flying around 1993.


4. When did start with aerobatic flying?
I did some basic aerobatic training immediately after gaining my PPL, but didn’t compete.


5. What are your experiences in competitions?

I flew in my first Beginners competition in 2014, so this is my 5th season of competition. I have been competitive in local competitions at Beginners, Standard and Intermediate. I flew last season at Advanced in local comps but have not yet really made that step in terms of being competitive at that level. 


6. What is your aim in this Championship?

I hope that the British team can make a good showing at this competition and I hope to help with that. My personal goal is to fly to my capability in front of the judges, where I place matters less to me than that. I am also looking forward to meeting pilots from around the world who share my addiction to flying aerobatics. 


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