Elisa Bretterebner (AT)

Let us introduce you the WIAC 2019 competitor:


Elisa Bretterebner (Austria), Extra 300L.


1. Where are you from? (hometown, airfield)
I am from Aigen im Ennstal, LOXA but the airplane is based at Innsbruck, LOWI.


2. What are you doing for living?
I am managing director of a small company.


3. When did you start with flying?
Since I could reach the rudder peddals of the Blaník :-).


4. When did you start with aerobatic flying?
In summer 2016.


5. What are your experiences in competitions?
It will be my first international competition.


6. What is your aim in this Championship?
To rock the sky and to make everbody who supported me proud.

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